Our Services

Tax Advice

  • Advice on all tax matters and representation to tax authorities
  • Assistance and advice in all tax audits (external audits for tax purposes, income tax audits)
  • Advice on tax matters (eg deferral, moratoria etc.)
  • Representation to all tax authorities, the Independent Tax Board (UFS) and the Administrative Court (VwGH) on tax matters
  • Advice on choosing a legal form and tax arrangements in reorganizations (eg mergers, divestments, changes of form, investments, property division)
  • Tax planning in corporate and asset inheritance, charitable gifts and wills
  • Advice on international tax law, in particular in co-operation with our worldwide HLB partners
  • Advice on labour and social insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Monetary transactions, auditing and financial control for foreign clients’ branches


  • Keeping accounts (bookkeeping and investment accounting)
  • Selection of management staff
  • Advice on labour and social-insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Cost accounting

Payroll Accounting

  • Payroll accounting
  • Extensive payroll services
  • Selection of management staff
  • Advice on labour and social-insurance matters, representation at audits by social insurance institutions
  • Cost accounting

Annual Accounts

  • Preparation of annual accounts or assistance in the preparation of annual accounts
  • Preparation of special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Preparation of profit-and-loss accounts
  • Preparation of income statements
  • Advice and assistance on balance-sheet tax law
  • Preparation of all tax declarations (business and private)
  • Examination of tax-assessment notices
  • Preparation of applications of any kind

Corporate Advice

  • Business advice
  • Advice and assistance in preparing short and medium-term budget accounts
  • Advice and planning in connection with organizational matters
  • Corporate advice, cost accounts
  • Advice on the founding or expansion of businesses, forecast planning of the first financial years
  • Advice on the creation of internal control systems


  • Auditing of annual accounts
  • Statutory and voluntary audits of company and group accounts under national law
  • Foundation audits
  • Statutory and voluntary audits to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) of group accounts to international accounting standards (US-GAAP, IAS/IFRS)
  • Incorporation audits
  • Reorganization audits (mergers, divestments, audits of contributions in kind)
  • Audits of association accounts
  • Management audits
  • Special audits
  • Audits of internal control systems
  • Bank audits under the Banking Act [BWG]
  • Pension fund audits under the Pension Funds Act [PKG]
  • Audits of financial service companies under the Financial Services Act [WAG]
  • Audits under the Capital Market Act [KMG] (HLB Intercontrol is included on the list of approved prospectus auditors under the Capital Market Act [KMG] Section 8.2b kept by the FMA (Financial Market Regulator)
  • Conduct of internal audits

Expert Reports

Our field of activity includes the preparation of expert opinions in the areas of accounting, business valuation, cost accounting and tax law.

Within the scope of our expert activities, we also prepare court opinions in which we contribute our specialist knowledge and professional experience to the court proceedings.

We are glad to be at your disposal

  • in connection with the valuation of companies and company shares
  • in connection with general business matters
  • for calculations of loss of earnings
  • for valuations, e.g. value determinations in execution proceedings